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The Fragments

The W.E. Leonard English verse translation of Empedocles

The complete W.E. Leonard verse translation of Empedocles (1908).

W.E. Leonard translation with Unicode Greek text

You'll need a Unicode Greek font to see the Greek text as it appeared in Leonard.

John Burnet's translation of Empedocles

This is a shortcut to Burnet's translation of the fragments in his chapter on Empedocles in Early Greek Philosophy (1920, with Burnet's notes).

About Empedocles

Diogenes Laertius' Life of Empedocles

Diogenes Laertius, The Life of Empedocles, translated by C.D. Yonge. Part of the Lives of the Philosophers at Peithô's Web.

Empedocles, by John Burnet

John Burnet's chapter on Empedocles in Early Greek Philosophy, including Burnet's notes.

Theodor Gomperz on Empedocles

From Theodor Gomperz' Greek Thinkers, translated by Laurie Magnus.

John Addington Symonds on Empedocles

From John Addington Symonds' The Greek Poets.

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