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The Fragments

The English translation by G.T.W. Patrick.

Patrick's 1888 translation of the fragments of Heraclitus, based on the Greek text of Bywater. Includes ancient sources and contexts for each fragment.

Patrick translation with Unicode Greek text.

You'll need a Unicode Greek font to see the Greek text as it appeared in Patrick's edition.

John Burnet's chapter on Heraclitus.

With Burnet's notes. Heraclitus' fragments are translated in Burnet § 65.

Life of Heraclitus

The Life of Heraclitus by Diogenes Laertius.

The C.D. Yonge translation, from the Lives of the Philosophers at Peithô's Web.

Heraclitus Links

Heraclitus, by William Harris

The translation of Heraclitus William Harris, Professor Emeritus at Middlebury College comes with a fresh perspective on the fragments.

Arthur Fairbanks translation of Heraclitus

At Hanover College.

Marc Cohen's lecture notes on Heraclitus

You'll find other ancient philosophy resources via Marc Cohen's home page

Argumentation and Heraclitus' Book (PDF)

Herbert Granger illustrates arguments, enthymemes and gnomic utterances from Heraclitus and earlier writers. At Oxford University Press.

The verses of Heraclitus of Ephesus

Malcolm Crowe. Includes Greek, English translation, and an appendix comparing fragment numbers from various editions.

Bibliography of Heraclitus

At Vishwa Adluri's

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