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  Nicocles or The Cyprians
  Against the Sophists (tr. Dinsdale)

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The Identity of Gorgias in Isocrates' Helen, by Terry Papillon
Comparing the encomia to Helen by Gorgias and Isocrates.

Hardy Hansen on Greek Sentence Structure
Includes Isocrates. Be sure to see Hansen's Style scoresheet.

Libanius, Progymnasmata on a saying by Isocrates (tr. Malcolm Heath)
Why praise Isocrates?

Isocrates at Suda Online

Search for Isocrates at the Bryn Mawr Classical Review

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On the Origin of Citizenship in Education: Isocrates, Rhetoric, and Kairos
From Southwest Missouri State U's Journal of Public Affairs.

Isocrates: A Parent of Rhetoric and Culture Studies
Michael Calvin McGee essay

Two letters of Isocrates and Ring Composition
By Ian Worthington, from Electronic Antiquity (June 1993)

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