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The dates assigned to the compositions of Isocrates in this chronological table are taken in each case from the Index to the Teubner text (1888).

436. Isocrates born.

435. Outbreak of war between Corinth and Corcyra.

433. Athens takes the side of Corcyra. Age of the Sophists.

432. Declaration of war against Athens by the Peloponnesian Confederacy: defeat of Athenians and Corcyreans by the Corinthians: revolt of Potidaea.

431. Capture of Plataea by the Thebans: entry of Archidamus into Attica.

430. Plague at Athens.

429. Surrender of Potidaea: Death of Pericles: Plato born.

427. Destruction of Mitylene: Plataea destroyed by the Spartans: Corcyrean sedition.

426. Athenian victory over Boeotians at Tanagra.

425. Athenian victory at Sphacteria: surrender of the Spartans to Cleon.

422. Defeat of Cleon by Brasidas at Amphipolis.

421. Fifty years truce agreed to between Nicias and the Spartans.

420. Treaty between Athens and Argos arranged by Alcibiades.

418. Defeat of the Athenians and Argives by Agis at Mantinea: alliance of Argos and Sparta.

417. Argos again unites with Athens.

415. Athenian expedition to Sicily: mutilation of the Hermae.

413. The Spartans invade Attica and fortify Decelea: the destruction of the Athenian army and fleet.

412. Alcibiades unites with Tissaphernes against the Athenians in Asia: revolt of Chios, Lesbos, Euboea, and Miletus from Athens.

411. Council of Four Hundred at Athens (March-June) subsequent restoration of the constitution and recall of Alcibiades. Loss of Euboea: defeat of the Spartans at Cynossema.

410. Defeat of Sparta and Persia by Alcibiades at Cyzicus.

409. Rhodes declared independent.

407. Alcibiades banished: his return and second banishment.

406. Dionysius of Syracuse (406-367). Defeat of the Spartan Callicratidas off Arginusae.

405. Athenians defeated by the Spartan admiral Lysander at Aegospotami.

404. Establishment of Spartan decarchies in the Greek cities. Rule of the Thirty Tyrants at Athens for eight months. End of the Peloponnesian war: fortifications of Athens destroyed by Lysander. Phyle occupied by Thrasybulus.

403. Year of anarchy at Athens. The oligarchy of Ten set up by Theramenes: constitution restored: Thrasybulus defeats the Thirty and takes Piraeus.

402. Against Euthynus.

401. Retreat of the Ten Thousand.

400. Against Lochites.

399. Against Callimachus. Death of Socrates.

397. The Team of Horses.

395. League between Athens, Corinth, Argos, and Thebes: Conon commander of the Athenian fleet.

394. Against the Sophists (about). Corinthian war (to 387): Spartans defeated by Conon off Cnidus. Defeat of the allied Greeks by Agesilaus at Coronea.

393. Sparta attacks Corinth. Rebuilding of the long walls of Athens and Piraeus by Conon.

392. Trapeziticus and Helen.

391. Busiris.

390. Persia takes up the cause of Sparta.

387. Corinthian war ended by the peace of Antalcidas.

385. Evagoras in command of the Cyprian forces: destruction of Mantinea by the Spartans: ten years war of Persia against Cyprus.

383. Birth of Demosthenes.

382. Seizure of the Cadmea by the Spartan faction. Olynthian war (379) of Sparta against the Olynthian confederacy. Birth of Philip of Macedon.

380. Panegyricus.

379. Thebes freed from the Spartan faction by Pelopidas. Olynthus surrenders to the Spartans.

378. Alliance of Athens and Thebes against Sparta.

376. To Nicocles (Or. II). Cyprus makes peace with Persia: defeat of the Spartans off Naxos by Chabrias and the Athenians.

375. Thebans attacked in Phocis by Cleombrotus. Victory of the Sacred Band at Tegyra.

374. Demonicus (or perhaps 372). Jason of Pherae Tagus of Thessaly. Death of Evagoras. Expulsion of Spartans from Boeotia. Peace between Athens and Sparta. Destruction of Plataea by the Thebans.

373. Plataicus.

372. Nicocles (Or. III.).

371. Congress at Sparta. Peace of Callias accepted by all but the Thebans. Commencement of Theban supremacy with the Spartan defeat at Leuctra. Foundation of Megalopolis by the Thebans.

370. Evagoras. Invasion of Laconia by Epaminondas, who founds Messene. Assassination of Jason of Pherae.

369. Alliance of Athens and Sparta against Thebes.

367. The "tearless" battle: defeat of Arcadians by Spartans.

366. Hegemony conferred on Thebes by Persia.

365. Philip of Macedon at Thebes.

362. Battle of Mantinea.

361. General peace: independence of Messene secured.

357. Seizure of Amphipolis by Philip. Social war between Athens and her dependencies (357-355).

356. Archidamus. Birth of Alexander the Great. Sacred War (-346).

355. Areopagiticus. Peace. Independence of the allies secured.

353. Antidosis.

352. Conquest of Thessaly by Philip checked by Athenians at Thermopylae. War between Sparta and Megalopolis.

349. Philip attacks Olynthus, which asks help from Athens.

348. Siege of Olynthus.

346. Philippus. Philip head of Amphictyonic Council.

342. Panathenaicus commenced, and finished 339.

338. Athenians and Thebans defeated at Chaeronea by Philip: end of the independence of Greece. Death of Isocrates.

From Isocrates' Orations Vol. I, translated by J. H. Freese. London: George Bell & Sons, 1894.

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