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When I look at you for a moment,
then it is no longer possible for me to speak.
I see nothing with my eyes, my ears hum,
Sweat pours from me, a trembling seizes me all over...
But I must resign myself to everything,
Knowing that I am to be abandoned.

The Divine Sappho is honored to present Atthis, by Laurent Chapman.

The artist writes that he created his charcoal drawing while reading passages on and by Sappho. "The face of the girl is tranquil, and I believe her departure was not a rupture with Sappho and her friends. It was, as was everything in that wonderful community, freely done... "

In the text below the drawing, Chapman unites D.A. Campbell's translation of verses from a fragment of Sappho with the feeling of Atthis' departure from another poem. The artist adds that the closing words, "knowing that I will be abandoned," come from an old French translation which ends, "Mais, il faut se résigner à tout, puisqu'on mon abandon..."

The drawing is copyrighted by Laurent Chapman. Campbell's translations of Sappho are copyrighted by Harvard University and are available in The Loeb Classical Library volume Greek Lyric I. The opening verses are from poem 31 in Campbell's edition of Sappho, fr. 2 in Wharton's edition.

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