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Spartan infantry officer's sword. Many thanks to for permission to use this picture.
433Corcyrean envoy to the Athenian Ecclesia.*
433Corinthian envoy to the Athenian Ecclesia.*
432Corinthian envoy in the First Congress of Sparta.*
432Athenian envoy in the First Congress of Sparta.*
432King Archidamas to the Spartan Assembly
432The Ephor Sthenelaides to the Spartan Assembly
432Corinthian envoys in the second Congress of Sparta
432Pericles to the Athenian Ecclesia
431Funeral Oration of Pericles
430Pericles to the Athenian Ecclesia
428Mitylenean Envoys to the Peloponnesians at Olympia
427Cleon to the Athenian Ecclesia
427Diodotus to the Athenian Ecclesia
427Plataeans to the Spartan Judges
427Thebans to the Spartan Judges
425Lacedaemonian Envoys to the Athenian Ecclesia
424Hermocrates in the Sicilian Congress at Gela
424Brasidas to the Acanthians
416Conference between Athenian and Melian negotiators
415Nicias to the Athenian Ecclesia
415Alcibiades to the Athenian Ecclesia
415Nicias to the Athenian Ecclesia
415Hermocrates to the Syracusan Assembly
415Athenagoras to the Syracusan Assembly
415A Syracusan General to the Syracusan Assembly
415Hermocrates as Envoy of Syracuse at Camarina
415Euphemus as Envoy of Athens at Camarina
415Alcibiades at Sparta

431Archidamas to the Peloponnesians before Attica
429Peloponnesian Commanders to crews in the Corinthian Gulf
429Phormio to the Athenian fleet in the Corinthian Gulf
425Demosthenes to his troops at Pylos
424Pagondas to the Boeotian troops at Delium
424Hippocrates to the Athenian troops at Delium
423Brasidas to his troops against Arrhibaeus
422Brasidas to his troops before Amphipolis
415Nicias before the first battle at Syracuse
413Nicias before the last sea fight
413Gylippus to the Syracusans before the last sea fight
413Nicias before the retreat from Syracuse

Special thanks to for permission to use this image adapted from their authentic replica of a Spartan spear.

Speech tables adapted from R. C. Jebb

Special thanks to for graciously permitting images of their ancient art and weapons to appear in our Thucydides pages.

The tiled background image comes from the the Architectural Ornament collection created by the Architectural Engineering Graduate Students Association of The Pennsylvania State University.